At the Centro de Investigaciones Médicas Mar del Plata we continue to add new therapeutic research areas.

New anticancer drugs are developing so rapidly that, in many cases, the only viable therapeutic alternative for a patient is to participate in a clinical trial.

This is why we have enabled the center as a day hospital and incorporated the 4th floor into our facilities. This sector has an area of 140 m2 and consists of an infusion room with two chairs for this purpose, a laminar flow medication preparation room, a washing area and three consulting rooms.

The team of experts that is in charge of the area is led by Dr. Cristian Buono, a specialist in oncology with extensive experience in research. He is joined by coordinators, laboratory technicians and nurses specialized in the subject.

The goal is to treat patients with common solid tumors such as colorectal, prostate, lung, breast, bladder, kidney, stomach, pancreatic cancer, and melanoma; All of them constitute 90% of all cancer cases. We also treat people with other less common neoplastic diseases such as sarcomas and GIST.

Through this new therapeutic area, we wish to continue contributing valuable information to research and contributing to the well-being of patients. We are convinced that not only is it important to offer quality care and compassionate support, but that participation in a clinical trial could be essential in treatment.

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